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Advanced Education

The key to a successful trading journey is having a simplistic approach, analyzing the charts properly, and getting the most accurate entries & exits as possible. Aly will teach you exactly what you need to know and what you’re missing. There are video lessons, written books, or personal coaching options. Whatever suits you & your budget the best!

Monthly Subscription

This includes 70 video lessons including recorded individual and group calls, learning how to properly read your trading chart, learning how to take accurate entries and exits, learning numbers and zones with no indicators, etc. Aly chooses 3-5 individual calls per month, 1 group call a month, group chat, & more.

Continuous Support

You can ask Aly any questions, send her charts or videos at any time. She is always there to respond to your questions and help you learn, progress, and get you where you need to be

Pure Price Action

You will learn to look at the market in a whole different way and actually learn the concepts you’re supposed to learn to advance you to the next level of your trading career and obtain the skill properly. Aly does not teach candlestick analysis, trend lines, candle patterns etc

Obtain The Skill

Master the art of emotional control, strategic discipline, and patience. Dive into a comprehensive curriculum through high-quality, engaging video content designed to be straight to the point and easy to understand to help you obtain the skillset

Self Paced Process

Move through the content at your own pace, with the flexibility to revisit lessons as needed, marking which ones you’ve watched and ensuring a learning experience that fits your schedule and needs




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Hear from Aly’s Members

Ryan A USA

Ryan A USA

I was trading forex for over two years before coming across the this course I tried everything in those two years, from joining free telegram trade channels to watching hundreds of forex videos on YouTube, neither left me as a profitable trader. I blew account after account and couldn’t figure out what I was doing wrong. Came across aly’s material when I was browsing Instagram one day and decided to try it out even though it costed money. Luckily the course is amazing and easy to follow. Within 3 months of taking it and practicing I am seeing profits like I never had in my trading career.



Ive been trading for 9 months now and i can honestly say ive learned more in the 4 days from taking the course than those in the entire 9 months. you’re an amazing mentor, teacher, and guide. Couldn’t recommend enough. seriously life changing. thank you



The course is surprisingly long and very very very informative! I love how Aly makes things easy and straightforward with many case studies. Going through her course helped me broaden my knowledge in relation to the trading markets and also I was able to implement the technical skills that she taught into my stock trading. It’s worth every single penny for a lifetime skill! Not to mention how much support that we get from Aly as her student.



First of all, I want to say that I have quite a bit of experience in the financial markets, and I believe in constant training. That’s why I joined Alys mentorship. Nowadays, it’s pretty hard to find valuable content because of all the rubish information that you can find all over the intemet. But the approach of her strategy is amazing, simple, and elegant; you don’t need to learn thousands of useless things. I took her knowledge and experience and applied it to my trading, and after two months, I can say with certainty that it has improved because, as a full-time trader, I can see the stats and the balance of my account growing.



I have been trading for the last 5 years and i was very confused and i couldnt improve my leaming. i know i was missing some skills and needed a mentor to learn it. i saw alys trading style and i liked how she traded. i bought the course and i finally see improvement and the skills i lack are taught in the course and are very dear to understand.



5 months ago I was strugling quite a bit with having the proper mindset, overtrading, and not taking positions or missing out due to lack of confidence. AMs course along with her service and support has been life changing to say the least. The markets are so clear to me and my mindset is in the right place- I have to say IVe come a long way in just a few months, not just because of the course but thanks to everything she preaches from analysis to psychology. Follow everything she says and it will help you IMMENSELY! no matter what you’re struggling with. Best mentor hands down!

Michelle L CANADA

Michelle L CANADA

Aly breaks trading down to its simplest form. You can really tell that she is super knowledgeable and that she loves teaching and helping others. She is always adding new content to the course, providing weekly analysis, keeping the community chat a supportive and drama free zone and always giving feedback Once I signed up, I got support from aly, access to trading books and constantly updated content. It is so lovely to learn from a humble, hardworking, and passionate woman lead in this male dominated industry. The only thing I regret is not signing up sooner!

 Lindsay N DUBAI

Lindsay N DUBAI

Thanks to Aly and her course I have been gifted all of the tools and knowledge I need to succeed in Forex. She takes what many people try to accomplish within this industry and provides an education that ranges to help people who have never traded people all the way to people who are looking to perfect some of their skills. I feel so lucky to have found this course.

Chels Guer USA

Chels Guer USA

Best course / mentorship that i’ve ever invested in. I was so skeptical about investing into another course because of the past but i decided to give it one last go and im so grateful that i did because aly is the BEST MENTOR ive ever had. Ive gained so much knowledge and before i had such a hard time understanding the market and now i can see it with ease. This is the most consistent ive ever been with trading and it and gives me confidence to keep moving forward. You get a mentor that is there for you literally every step of the way and not to mention the best trading group chat! There is nothing but support and growth!

 James Smith

James Smith

I was in a MLM company and I was impressed by the dollar amount that I had seen posted from all the different “traders” and gurus. I almost quit but I decided that I was going to invest in a course and give it another shot. I looked at a couple and very last minute before narrowing down a decision I came into Alfs IG page. I am so happy and grateful to have come into this course. Everything is broken down, the videos are straight to the point, and Aly stresses the idea of leaming the skill first. I am not even half way through and I have seen results in my trading account already. I would totally recommend this course if you are getting started or having trouble with consistency.

Mark S USA

Mark S USA

Aly offers superior content that is evenly stratified to help the learner accumulate skill and knowledge as they progress to the next level of learning. Aly does a great job guiding the students through phases and leaves no questions un-turned to develop a richer and more beneficial learning experience for both the up & coming trader and expert alike. I highly recommend this program and appreciate the effort put into making it an effective and efficient platform for leaming

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